Letter Enhancement

All employees require some or the other letter from their employers due to personal or professional reasons. Employment-related letters are so many and each serves a different purpose. From an offer letter to a relieving letter, each has its own importance.

greytHR allows you to select from multiple HR letter templates based on your specific requirements. You can also create your own customized letter templates!

At greytHR we believe in simplifying and updating our products. So here we have come up with one more update, and made a few changes in our letter template functionality. Now you can directly upload your letter templates, without spending hours fixing formatting - the alignment and margins. In this video, we will talk about what are the new features available in the greytHR’ s new letter enhancement module and how to customize your letter templates

With the enhanced letter module feature you can now

Create your own letter templates easily with the help of our instructions and help resources, Upload your own letter templates created on a local document editor Maintain the letter template alignment, margin, paper size, orientation, etc while uploading the document. Download and validate with the error report

Video Link - How to Generate Letter on greytHR: https://greytip-2.wistia.com/medias/nyisgjuvph