Payslip Generation

After payroll processing has been completed with greytHR’s comprehensive Payroll process Method, it’s time for you to generate payslips for your employees.

The monthly task of generating payslips is handled smoothly by greytHR. You no longer need to use MS Office for payslip generation, verification, followed by conversion to the .pdf format, and, finally, distribution to individual employees.

greytHR allows you to send mass e-mail for payslips, download or publish them to your Employees’ Self-Service (ESS) portal. Employees can then view, download and print their payslips as per their need.

over 3 years agoOctober 31, 2018
about 2 years agoApril 24, 2020
How can I overcome the blocked pop ups to download payslips as PDF?
Maria M.
about 2 years agoMay 25, 2020
Hi. Can the payslip be tailor made on GreytHR? There are a few components which I want to remove and some that I want to add so is that possible?
almost 2 years agoSeptember 10, 2020

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