Employee Self Service Portal

Employee self-service or ESS offers quick and easy access to all your HR and/or payroll-related data through a single portal.

greytHR ESS offers you direct access to important information such as payslips, income tax statements, leave and attendance information, and much more.

Additionally, it automates key workflows and offers a comprehensive Help Desk feature as well. Managers can also handle their team’s workflows end-to-end on the ESS portal.

This makes processes more transparent also removes HR from the role of the middleman for information handling.

Find the quick links to know more about your ESS portal

ESS Home: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal

Feeds: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/answers/40692139

Tasks: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/answers/40710738

Loan Statement: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/answers/40964741

IT Declaration: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/answers/40960112

Attendance: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/attendance

Proof of Investment: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/answers/40457150

Leave: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/leave

FBP Declaration: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/answers/61931637

Reimbursement: https://ess-help.greythr.com/employee-portal/answers/61733569