Bulk Data Upload

This Video will help you to understand how to upload data in bulk into your greytHR account by using the excel import feature.

By using this feature, you can also import various categories of employee data from excel file such as upload employee payroll related information, leave & attendance information, Income tax override information, Other employee-related information etc.

10 months agoAugust 14, 2018
Subject line is wrong! its not document upload it should data upload.
Simi Paleri
10 months agoAugust 14, 2018
Thanks for your comments...will make the necessary changes
Rakesh Kumar
6 months agoDecember 5, 2018
Hi I have uploaded the information under Add Employee importer sheet and imported in Greytip software, but still some information are missing like as PAN number, Aadhaar card details and Bank details which has updated in the sheet already.
please help us in this case
about 2 months agoApril 23, 2019
While uploading the documents - error occured
Simi Paleri
about 2 months agoApril 24, 2019
Hi Raja, kindly raise a support ticket with the error message, our team will get back to you as the earliest.
Bulk Income Tax Override vedios
18 days agoMay 30, 2019
Please mail us the Bulk Income Tax Override vedios for our reference and to learn the same.
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