Create Holiday List

After completion of the Leave Year-End process, it is important for an admin to create the “holiday List for the new year”.

Deciding which public holidays to hand out as a holiday for employees. It is an important task for an HR manager in every company. These holidays are generally declared on a calendar-year basis.

On greytHR, the provision is provided to introduce Restricted or Floating or Optional holidays. This enables employees to choose the Holiday that they want from among a pre-specified set of days. Depending on the Holiday List applicable to an employee, the employee needs to apply and get approval for taking a Restricted Holiday.

over 1 year agoJanuary 16, 2018
wonderful and very helpful..thank you
Simi Paleri
over 1 year agoJanuary 31, 2018
Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback Sridevi :-)
Priyanka Monnaiah
9 months agoDecember 28, 2018
It was very helpful to update Holiday List 2019 .Thank you very much
Simi Paleri
9 months agoDecember 28, 2018
You are welcome Priyanka :-)
Ranjeeta Das
9 months agoDecember 28, 2018
Thank you Simi for uploading the video. It was indeed very helpful in setting up the holiday calendar for 2018. All the best to Grey HR team and new year wishes too.
Simi Paleri
9 months agoDecember 28, 2018
Thanks a lot, Ranjeeta. Wish you a very happy newyear:-)
Saurabh Tiwari
8 months agoJanuary 15, 2019
it works. Thank You
Harjinder Singh
8 months agoFebruary 8, 2019
where to add location in greythr ?
Simi Paleri
8 months agoFebruary 8, 2019
Follow the below path to add a location for an employee...Navigate to employee >> Information >> Position History >> Select the employee and add the details
Rashmi R
5 months agoMay 6, 2019
Hello i need to update the 2 holiday list for two different shift of employees how can set a two holiday list
5 months agoMay 7, 2019
Hi Rashmi, You can create holiday list based on the attendance scheme. I would request you to drop an email with your contact details to discuss this further..
about 1 month agoAugust 9, 2019
want to delete one RH Holiday how can i Do?
Simi Paleri
about 1 month agoAugust 9, 2019
Hi Ravikumar, click here on the link to know more about managing your holidays on greytHR.
Simi Paleri
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