Form 16 Generation

Form 16 is a certificate issued by an employer to all his employees for a particular financial year at the end of the said year, reflecting the total salary paid and amount of tax deducted ('TDS') during the year. It also contains the details of your Salary, Other Incomes and Tax benefits available and availed by you in the last financial year. It has detailed information about the manner of calculating income as per the income tax laws and tax payable on it.  Form 16 generally has two parts to it: Part A & Part B. You can now download both Part A and Part B files from the Traces. Part A consists of the summary of income paid, taxes deducted and remitted by each quarter and by month and Part B has the summary of salary paid. By using greytHR you can. 1.  Upload & merge Part A & Part B documents. 2. Generate Form 12 BA & Annexure file 3. Then finally, you can sign the Form 16 documents digitally and publish it to your employees

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Kishore Kumar
about 2 years agoJune 12, 2020
Fom16 upload with digital signature of Part A & Part B
about 2 years agoJune 12, 2020
Hi Kishore, Please click on the below video link to know how to sign the Form 16 document Digitally on greytHR

Simi Paleri
almost 2 years agoSeptember 22, 2020
What if Part A is already digitally signed ?
20 days agoJune 12, 2022
While generating form 16 when i upload form16 PartA zip file it shown message that file format is not valid
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