Managing Employee Shift

Attendance processing is effective only when it's error-free and real-time. greytHR handles all aspects of employees’ attendance management system with simplicity and efficiency.

As you must be aware, in greytHR you can create multiple shifts, rotation policies, attendance exception policies and weekend policies to create an attendance scheme. Employees are automatically assigned to an attendance scheme based on his/ her category. No need to assign each employee manually to an attendance scheme.

greytHR also provides an option to the admin to manually override shift for the employees based on business requirements. The manual override feature is available in managers ESS portal so that they can manage their respective team members shift from the ESS portal.

The Shift Roster page on greytHR gives you an overview of the existing planned shifts of the employees. This planner also allows you to override the existing planned shifts and take some strategic decisions such as leave approvals and shift assignments. The changes made on this page, reflect throughout the Attendance module.