Leave Management on greytHR

Streamlining employee leave management gives you a golden opportunity to tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke. It eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow-ups, saving time and transaction costs.

When your company’s leave policy is enforced consistently, it improves transparency & employee satisfaction. greytHR’s leave management software automates everything from leave accounting, grants (leave credits), to period closing activities.

By using greytHR’s leave management module you will be able to

Define your various leave types ranging from Earned/privileged leave(PL), casual leave (CL), sick leave (SL), Compensatory off (comp offs), maternity leave (ML), paternity leave.

Customize your leave policies like leave granting, leave availing restrictions, weekend policies, leave prorating etc…

Also, reduce a lot of manual work and queries. (Our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal completely shifts the responsibility of applying for leave, its approval and rejection and comp-off granting to employees and their managers, respectively)

Then finally leave year-end processing need not mean extra work anymore.

Kindly click on the below link to know more about creating your customized leave policy on greytHR.


Anantha Murthy HN
over 3 years agoApril 6, 2018
If possible to add Employee leave work flow
almost 2 years agoDecember 5, 2019
3 months agoAugust 23, 2021
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