Employee Information Management

Employee information management is a crucial part of any business. A simple HR system is a must for all organizations.

By using greytHR you can track all employee life-cycle activities, simplify HR work and get deep insights with minimal efforts.

Say goodbye to rework, confusion, data duplication, and inconsistencies! Say Hello to Happy employees and higher profits!

In today’s video, we will take you through the commonly asked questions that you may come across while managing your employees’ information on greytHR.

Such as,

  • How to assign a manager to an employee

  • How to Confirm an employee

  • How to extend the probation period of an employee

  • How to change the employee number

  • How to delete an employee’s information from the database

  • Also, how to manage your employee ESS on greytHR

GreytHR Product Explainer Video Link


Employee Self Service Portal (Self Learning) Link


fasalu rahman
9 months agoOctober 24, 2019
i forgot the greythr moblie app password. what can i do
Simi Paleri
9 months agoOctober 24, 2019
Hi Fasalu, You can use the same password which is used for the web sign in.
Dhanesh Bhatia
3 months agoApril 9, 2020
what is the process to update saving plan or opt for new/old tax structure being an employee?
What will be the login ID and password for an employee?
Please guide in detail so that we can advise our employees accordingly.
Simi Paleri
3 months agoApril 9, 2020
Hi Dhanesh, 

Click on the below link to know how to provide ESS login access to your employees, https://support.greytip.in/hc/en-us/articles/360030133451-How-to-enable-employee-ESS-or-self-service-portal-access-

Also watch our latest video on Employee IT Declaration.


Hope this works, feel free to get in touch with our support team for further clarification.

Simi Paleri
about 2 months agoMay 14, 2020
I am unable to delete an employee record that i had created as a test. getting a message- employee is already referred, cannot delete now. what does it mean and how do i delete it.
Ashish Adhikari
about 2 months agoMay 21, 2020
Can I upload in Bulk (change in Manager)
21 days agoJune 18, 2020
Hi, If we make the employee Exit, will the employee records gets deleted and the access will disable?
20 days agoJune 18, 2020
Hi Lakshmi, Once the employee is separated from the system, you need to complete the final settlement for the employee on greytHR, post that employee will be a part of the past employee category and the ESS access will be disabled automatically.

Click on the below videos to know more about employee separation and F&F process on greytHR.


I hope this works!
SImi Paleri
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