Employee Onboarding Policy with Acknowledgement

With the greytHR Employee Onboarding module, say goodbye to paperwork! The employee onboarding process includes initiating, collecting employee information also sharing the online onboarding form. After the employee has submitted the form, you can review the details and accept or reject them. Also, ensure the employee acknowledgment of different policies and forms during the onboarding process. You can perform the following tasks through the employee onboarding process: such as Configure employee onboarding policy Release the employee self-onboarding access for an individual new employee or existing employees and the employee’s added in bulk. Manage your employee onboarding workflow requests on greytHR.

Video Links Company Policies and Forms https://greytip-2.wistia.com/medias/64ncel51wg

Employee Self Onboarding https://greytip-2.wistia.com/medias/uzs1sebrjv

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