Manual synchronization of Swipes using Greytip Astra

By using greytHR Attendance system you can manage your employee attendance data efficiently.

An Attendance system has 3 key pieces that need to work together to give you complete and accurate Attendance details.

The first piece is the Biometric Machines that you buy and install in your office and its database in the server configuration. This database captures the swipe from the employees as and when they are done. This is the main swipe data that is stored in a database which generally comes as a part of the Biometric machine setup. This database is also controlled and configured by either your IT team or the Biometric vendor and greytHR cannot fix any issues with this.

The second piece is the Greytip Astra software that helps in pulling the swipe information from your Biometric machine’s database and send it to greytHR. We will show you how to manually synchronize Greytip Astra in this video for cases where the swipes are available in the Biometric machine’s database but not showing up in greytHR.

The third piece is greytHR as once the swipe information flows from Biometric machine to greytHR through Greytip Astra, it then applies all the Attendance setup rules and schemes to show the correct Attendance details for the employees.

You can capture swipe details of your employees by installing any of the Biometric attendance machines. The swipes then flow into the GreyHR via Greytip Astra for employee's attendance management.

Most of the time, employee swipes that are captured using your biometric system flow into greytHR automatically. Sometimes, however, due to glitches in the biometric system, the employee swipes entered into your biometric database may not flow into greytHR resulting in employees Attendance status not showing correctly for a day or multiple days.

You can easily troubleshoot this using the manual resynchronization process detailed in this video.

about 2 years agoOctober 16, 2019
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