PF KYC Mapping

PF is an initiative by the Government to imbibe a habit of saving for the future. The primary purpose of PF fund is to help employees save a fraction of their salary every month so that they can use the same in times of need.

Many employees have multiple PF Member IDs on account of their employment with previous companies. Once the employee changes employers, tracking details of PF at previous employer is never easy.

This issue is now being solved by EPFO through a unique number, which is going to act as an umbrella number for all allocated Members IDs for an employee. The feature is called Universal Access Number (UAN).

UAN will group multiple Member IDs allocated to a single employee and will help the employee view details of associated information.

In today’s video we will talk about how to comply with the following requirements from the PF department.

  • Uploading UAN of employees into greytHR application.
  • Collecting and updating employee identity details, such as PAN number, Bank A/C number or driving license details and get it verified.
  • Generating PF KYC text file on greytHR and uploading the same into the EPFO website and complete the PF KYC process.
  • Complete these task in bulk kindly using the excel importer option on greytHR

Click on the below link to know how the excel importer option works on greytHR

4 months agoJuly 3, 2021
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