Company Policies and Forms

The company policies play a crucial role in establishing the guidelines for your employees. You need to set-up and release well-defined policies for the employees to abide by and stay compliant with the company policies.

You also need to share the company policies & forms with the employees, which helps the employees outline its opportunities and benefits. The clearly stated company policies keep transparency among the employees & employer and improve workplace morale. You can configure company policies such as Leave Policies, Data & Mobile Expenses Reimbursement Policy, various Attendance Policies, etc. It is also necessary to gather and organize the employee information in the forms like Contract forms, Background check disclosure forms, Employee personal details form, or any other forms. You can easily configure, manage, track, and maintain all these company policies & forms activities through GreytHR - Company Policies & Forms.

Bala R
over 1 year agoFebruary 26, 2021
The name "Form" provides a meaning of creating forms and get inputs from the people. But it is not seem so. It is just a form employee can download and use. How the employee will be shown the form is also not mentioned in the video
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