Tasks and Checklists

The Tasks and Checklists is a simple and efficient tool to identify, streamline and automate various activities, within an organization.

Organizations, especially the HR & Finance departments, undertake activities that are recurring, need coordination between multiple stakeholders, follow-ups, collaboration and manual intervention, at all touchpoints. Such activities can lead to a lot of human error, stressed and burnt-out employees, and also difficult to manage and track. With Tasks and Checklists for your team, its work and the conversations around that work, all automated, organized and clear.

Benefits of having greytHR Tasks & Checklists: 1. Complete automation in Task Creation & Delegation: To seamlessly accomplish your task, the event automatically triggers and the task is assigned to the stakeholders, once a checklist is configured and mapped with greytHR.

  1. Accountability within the Organization: The Tasks and Checklists help in maintaining transparency and accountability within various departments in an organization. Example, when an event triggers, a set of tasks are automatically created and assigned to the respective person.

  2. Timebound & SLA Driven: The tasks within a checklist have a completion timeline. These help the task owner decide the priority of the task and track it well.

  3. Error Free: The systematic and streamlined process of checklists helps in an error free and accurate output. This could also be used as a tool for quality assurance as there are minimum chances of skipping steps, in any process.

  4. Productivity Booster: Gives a sense of accomplishment, boosts motivation, reduces manual efforts & transactional costs.

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