GPS Attendance Management

Over the years, marking attendance has come a long way - from the obsolete physical punching in and out, to a more efficient attendance management system of simply swiping a card or using Biometrics.

So what’s become of attendance marking and what does the future have in store for accurate tracking? In a word, ‘Geo Fencing’. Geofences are virtual perimeters created using the latitude, longitude and radius of a location which can be used for marking Attendance for employees.

The possibilities to harness this method for an organization to manage its employees are vast. greytHR’s innovative solution- Geo Mark, uses the GPS feature in a smartphone to accurately and effectively mark attendance.

Here are some of the scenarios where Geo Mark could help:

  • A small company could use this to save hardware costs and a large one, for efficiency
  • Medium and large-sized manufacturing companies with plants in remote locations
  • Companies with staff deployed to different sites for different projects
over 3 years agoJanuary 7, 2019
How it can be configured in a non-smartphone/ unstable wi-fi connectivity
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