Full & Final Settlement Process

Every employee resignation leaves you with a significant amount of paperwork to be handled. Several calculations need to be performed and Information has to be retrieved, often on an urgent basis. greytHR brings you a way to eliminate all this and execute your full and final settlement process both efficiently and effectively.

The full and Final Settlement process is the procedure required to be followed by the employer after the employee has resigned from his/her services.

This is a step that may be performed long after the Resignation & exit details are updated and also only after the employee completes his/her notice period.

over 3 years agoMarch 28, 2018
This process considers a normal scenario, where the employee resigns by giving due notice and serves the notice period.

How do you address a case where the employee is asked to leave by resigning and the company pays the notice period salary? In such a case the resignation date with the settlement date too.

Could you address and make a video for this.

Simi Paleri
about 3 years agoSeptember 24, 2018
In such cases, you can select the reason for leaving as "terminated" and enter the notice period days as zero.
What if we have bluck data for F & F settlement?
2 months agoJuly 28, 2021
What if we have bluck data for F & F settlement? How we upload F & F one time for more employees?
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